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That's what it all comes down to.  Why do you need a headshot?  Why do you need a new headshot?  Why come to Beth Madison for your headshots?

I believe that a headshot is more than just a headshot.  I believe that a headshot is the way you represent yourself.

A headshot should be the window that shows the world what you're most proud of.  I believe that the purpose of a headshot is to uncover your passion, your personality, your spark.  The thing that makes you shine.  I believe that a headshot is your opportunity to show the world what makes you special.

My headshots show how much you value yourself.  We will take all the time we need -- there's never a time limit.  With attention to the smallest details of styling and posing, combined with my ability to evoke authentic expressions, headshots with me, Beth Madison, are as far away from the canned, cheesy "school photo" type of headshots you see everywhere, as a pebble is from a diamond.

If you value yourself highly, and want the world to know that you are a force to be reckoned with, we should talk.  If you're venturing into new territory but are ready to take the plunge, we should talk.  If your last headshot doesn't make the viewer say, "Hey, I'd like to meet that person," then we should talk.

I'm passionate about headshots.  I'd love to show you why.